Hi, I’m Scott. Thanks for checking out my website and looking at some of my work!


I’m a lifelong Iowan who graduated from Iowa State University. I’ve traveled a bit of the world, but I’m still glad to call this place my home. Nothing I have seen out there yet has made me want to pack my bags and move away from the place where the corn is as high as an elephant’s eye.


I didn’t go to school for photography or journalism, but my passion for those things still burned strong all along. I grew up with a professional photographer as a father and after reaching adult age I was lucky enough to tote his bags and be his assistant for a few of his assignments with the Des Moines Register. After getting the hang of it he turned me loose and let me shoot with one of his cameras. I got to shoot some really cool sporting events and that drew me even closer to a life behind the camera.


Now my passion is photographing people. I realize what an incredible gift it can be to have pictures of you and your loved ones throughout the years. As I have my own family now I am living that even more as my two year old son has been my subject for tens of thousands of photos.


I love to be able to provide those photos for my clients as well. Not only in posed photographs, but in the lifestyle journalistic style shots. I strive to provide pictures that tell the story of your day. True emotion in a photograph is such a wonderful thing.


I often look back on all the photographs I have taken with my family fondly. It is important to me to relive those moments in my mind. They are gone so fleetingly and all that is there to remember it by is that print, negative, or digital file. I hope that you would give me the chance to help create those memories for you and your family.